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Rules and Strategies for Roulette


In roulette, you have to guess on what color or what number the ball will stop next time. Playing roulette, there are many updates as possible and the only rule is that you must bet on the outcome that seems most realistic.

The tutorial Roulette 1casino4u
Since long we have worked on this interactive tutorial that allows you to test the game here so you can play roulette for free and see if the game you like, before investing and play for real money.

How to play Roulette?
In American roulette, the wheel consists of 38 squares numbered from 1 to 36, a zero and double zero. Half the numbers are black and the other half is red, except for zero and double zero are green.

You can bet on individual numbers or combinations of numbers or a different color.

For example, if you bet $ 10 on number 8, you win your stake x 35 or $ 350 if the ball lands on number 8.

By cons, if you bet on the fact that the ball lands on a certain color, you win your bet is $ 20 if you bet $ 10.

American or European Roulette
If you want to play online roulette, you should find a casino offering roulette European online. This type of roulette has only one green zero compared to American roulette has a zero and double zero. By the fact, the quotations of the European wheel, also known as "the single zero roulette" are better than American Roulette.

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