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One of the first things that becomes immediately apparent when you visit an online casino, poker room or bingo for the first time is casino bonuses.

Obviously, game sites offer a bonus hoping that you will enjoy to start playing at home and by that, they can make money. But still receive the bonus. Why not enjoy that game sites offer you free money. By claiming your bonus, you'll find that you can play more than the money you have deposited.

Different types of bonuses
Before you do that you throw on the many bonuses offered by online casinos and poker rooms and bingo, you must keep in mind that there are several types of bonuses.

Signup Bonus / Bonus Offer
The most common bonus is the welcome bonus. By visiting online casinos, you will come across several names for this type of bonus, or "sign-up bonus" "bonus for new players," and of course "Welcome Bonus".

You must make sure that these bonuses are "bonus game" or "bonus percentage. In other words, online casinos offer bonuses of 10% to 500%. If you receive a welcome bonus of 50% and deposit $ 20, the casino gives you $ 10.Par cons, if you receive a welcome bonus of 300% and drop $ 20, the casino gives you $ 60 free.

A bonus of 100% is also called a "bonus game" which means that the casino gives you an amount equal to the amount deposited. For example, if you deposit $ 100, the casino gives you $ 100.

Loyalty Bonus
A loyalty bonus is a bonus that is offered to you when you played on the same online casino for a long period. This bonus is also called "Bonus VIP. To receive this bonus you must earn loyalty points that is done each time you make a deposit. Once enough points accumulated, you can change in a bonus and your account will automatically be credited.

Deposit bonus using online payment methods (bank bonus)
Some casinos offer a bonus if you use accurate methods of payment. The reason is that sometimes there are problems with some credit cards and to ensure that you have bad experiences, casinos encourage you to use an online payment method such as Neteller or Moneybookers. Most often this type of bonus is linked to welcome bonus of 100%. If the casino offers a 100% match bonus up to $ 100 bonus plus a bank of 20% and you deposit $ 100, you'll have $ 220 in your account.

Monthly Bonus
Some casinos offer their players monthly bonuses. The idea of ??such a bonus is that every month you receive a bonus to use on certain types of games such as slot machines on which you can receive a 100% match bonus every month. The offer is limited to one bonus per month.

No deposit bonus
With a no deposit bonus, you receive money that you can use on the casino games without making a deposit. In theory, you receive free money. But remember to read carefully the conditions of the bonus before use. Normally, the bonus amount is very low compared to other bonuses, however, you can always find the casino games.

Important information about bonuses
Be aware that conditions on the various bonus casinos differ. The rules were set by the casino because they want to retain you. Obviously, you must comply with the conditions laid down by bonus casinos. For example, it is not always possible to use your bonus all casino games. In another casino, for cons, you must make a minimum number of bets in order to receive your bonus money. Sometimes there are also limitations of time the most common limitation is 30 days but other limitations are also possible.

Finally, some casinos require that you make a deposit before receiving your winnings. So you should always check the conditions applying to bonus free online games.

On online casinos, you often encounter the term "wager". Sometimes, casinos require you to do a number of bets (wager) before receiving your bonus. Normally, the bonus conditions are part of the "General Conditions" of the casino. For example, if you must wager 20 times your bonus, you simply multiply the bonus amount by 20. If a bonus of $ 100, you must play your bonus 20 times = $ 2000 (20 x $ 100) to collect your bonus.

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