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Bingo rules and strategies


By 1casino4u we have witnessed the growing popularity in recent years of online bingo.

It is not surprising that the french were in love with this game because it is a fascinating hobby, fun and without much risk.

In our section on bingo, we have collected the best online bingo halls and all the information you need to make a good start in the game


Bingo best known in France under the name Lotto is one of the popular games in the U.S. and the Anglo-Saxon, it is for this reason that online bingo sites are virtually all in English. Still, they recently started making their appearances in the language of Molière, and it is not displeasing.

The great strength of bingo is that it does not necessarily need a lot of money to play long, you can play well over an hour with only $10.

The rules of bingo online
Online bingo is a game changing. In recent years the game has changed its image and now it is no longer a game played in a meeting room full of elderly people smoking cigarettes. By cons, he became one of the most popular games on the Internet. Many reasons for this success.

Simple and easy
First, you can play bingo online anytime and anywhere you want. Simply start up your computer and connect to an online casino. And voila, you can start playing!

To make the game fun and easy to understand, we advise you to discover the functions and expressions:

Online bingo can play "automatically" assume you have purchased grids for future games too. To start playing automatically, you need to know some features that are offered on most online bingo sites.

First, you must choose an online bingo hall on the site. Each room offers different games. Normally, the software indicates how bingo bingo hall you enter:

Bingo hall of learning:
Here you can train for free but normally you can not chat with other players in these rooms. The bingo hall is convenient to visit if you want to choose your numbers yourself because here you have an idea of ??the speed at which numbers are drawn.

Main Bingo Hall:
It's in the Main Hall you play bingo for real money. You can also chat with other players in the Main Hall Bingo and playing poker machines and slot machines while playing bingo. You will also find the Time jackpot and normally it is the room where you spend the most time.

Tournament Hall
Most bingo halls organize different tournaments with different prizes. In the bingo hall, you can earn lots of money but on the other hand, there are more players which means you may get nothing at all.

Payments and purchases of grids
Once the bingo room you choose, you go to the bank (cashier) and make a deposit into your game account after that you can buy bingo grid and you can buy for games to avoid future buying after each game ends. Enjoy Package solutions when they exist, because it allows you to buy very cheap packages. These packages are offered most often when the jackpot is at stake Time

The settings you need to know:

Probably the most important function of any game of bingo. You can scratch the numbers yourself, but sometimes we lose along the way if you have numbers for example no sound. Auto-Dauber scratch your numbers while making the game much easier. Most bingo sites also yell 'BINGO' for you but know that there are sites where there is a big red button marked 'bingo' to press to shout bingo. You'll also know which numbers you miss, so you have to click on the button when your number comes out.

Choose the person announcing the numbers
Most online bingo halls you can choose your own virtual person who announces the numbers. Surely men would choose a woman and vice versa. You can also choose what music you want to hear or if you do not want music.

Choose your colors and contours
Like a little something extra cool, you can choose the color and shape of the lines of Self-Dauber. That is to say, you choose yourself if you want to delete the numbers with cæurs red, blue footballs or something completely different.

Sort your grids automatically
If you have purchased so many gates for a game, it is not always possible to clearly see all the grids on the screen. Some are shown in small windows. With auto spell, you can choose if the grids that are closer to winning should be more visible on the screen. Also keep an eye on the board above the gates, which tells you which numbers you are missing.

Jackpot Time
Many sites offer a big jackpot every hour. To win, you must have bingo within a certain time.

The grid that must be met to win bingo. This can be seen on your screens, and there is always an image grid that must be met.

Bingo Chat
Here you can chat with other players while playing bingo.

You should pay attention to the number of players participating in the game in question. Some bingo halls are dependent on the pot in the number of participants in the game that end, it is a good idea to buy only a few playing cards if there are only few players, and also c ' is a good idea to buy lots of extra registers, or packages of grids, for Time jackpot. With regard to tournaments, where there are bigger prizes at stake is obviously a good idea to buy several grids at once.

Bingo is not a quick game - quite a game. For this purpose, you should buy your tickets in advance in future games not to miss a game if you do other things during the game

When you learned to play bingo online, you can enjoy the fact that most online bingo halls you can play other games during the bingo. Normally, this is video poker games or slot machines. These games are played in a small window next to your bingo grids. However, be careful because the conditions for these other games may vary.

It is so easy to win
Online bingo is a very simple game and it is very easy to learn how to play. Once the gates acquired bingo, the game starts and the numbers are drawn. As numbers are drawn, you must check these numbers on your tickets. If you're the first player to complete the winning combination on your grid, you win! It's easy!

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