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Poker rules and strategies


For several months, the poker room multiplayer experience an unqualified success. This revolution in online gaming is for everyone, because the sites online poker have their own poker schools, run by professionals and recognized as online champion of the Poker.

Welcome to the poker section of 1casino4u
If you're part of people who have tried to play online poker, you know it's a game quite special. If you have not yet experienced, it is time for you to learn this game appealing.

Section 1casino4u poker is a good place to start. You will find here the best online poker sites, and a wealth of information about the game to help you become a very good player!

Rules of poker online
Poker is a game of 52 cards excluding the jokers. In general, poker is a game of chance. Obviously, there are many professional players competing, but everyone has the same opportunity to get good cards.

Before starting to play poker, you must pay attention to the sign near the dealer showing the boundary of the table. After the first minimum bet, five cards are dealt face up to each player. Then the first round of Paris begins. It takes at least follow to continue the game then you must decide which cards to keep and which cards to crack. You can keep or break as many cards as you want. Once players have decided the table what cards they wish to keep or break, the dealer distributes the same number of cards to each player corresponding to the number of broken cards thereof. After this second final distribution, the paris begin. Then, the highest hand wins and takes the pot in the middle of the table.

Leverage - how does it work? In most games, you must make a minimum bet (ante) to receive cards. After all cards are dealt, you have three choices:

If you decide to go, you bet an amount equal to the bets made since your last update. For example, if you bet $ 1 and another player has bet $ 2, you must wager an additional dollar.

If you decide to raise, you first need to monitor the most important. Then it's up to you to decide how much you want to bet. Take the example above: If someone has raised a dollar, you must first be followed by a dollar and then you can bet any amount. Most tables have set a minimum raise the minimum bet depending on the table. So if you play at a table with a minimum bet of one dollar, you may be unable to bet more than $ 10 a round.

If you lie, you leave the current turn and lose the opportunity to win the pot in the middle of the table. This approach is ideal if you fear that your hand is lower than other players and your hand has no chance of winning. If you fold, you must not make any bet.

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