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Blackjack rules and strategies


Blackjack is probably one of the most popular games offered by casinos . This reflects the fact that blackjack is a fun and easy to learn.

In Blackjack, you play against the casino and your goal is to get close as possible to 21 without going over. The dealer deals the cards according to rules established by the casino in question. Different online casinos offer several versions of blackjack. Some casinos offer numerous others that blackjack casino offers "normal" - if one may use such a term.

The tutorial on blackjack 1casino4u
We have done our best to develop an interactive guide for you which is based on the blackjack . Now you can play blackjack for free and improve your technique without risk.

How to Play Blackjack?
A blackjack game begins by placing the players. It exists in most online casinos from different tables where the minimum bet and maximum range. The minimum bet is usually between one and five dollars, and the maximum bet is $ 100 and sometimes even $ 2000 per hand.

After putting all the players, the dealer deals the cards. It assigns each player a card face down and then he takes one card face down himself. This card is called the 'downcard'. Each player receives another card, and the dealer takes one card face up. This card is called the "upcard, the dealer. In online casinos, all cards are face up (except of course the downcard the donor).

When the player took his two cards, he may find that the total value. To find the value, we must combine the value of the cards. In principle, an Ace is worth 11, but if the hand is over 21, the exchange value of As at 1. A hand with the ace has the value 11 is called 'soft' (sweet), while a hand with all the Aces have the value 1 is called 'hard' (hard). A hand that contains maps [5, Ace] is known as 'soft-16', while [5, 10, Ace] is 'hard-16'. If you reach the value 21 with your initial hand, you have Blackjack. If the dealer upcard is an Ace, he goes to check more often immediately if blackjack before distributing more cards. If your hand is over 21, while counting all the aces as 1, you crevices ('bust' in English) and you lose your bet (even if the donor should die later).

At first it only receives two cards face up, and then we make different choices. These choices are:

MAP (Hit) : Receive another card

SERVED (Stand) : You do not want more cards and the dealer is now playing.

DOUBLE : You double down in the game in question and get another card.

PAIRS: You share your two cards and play two independent sets.

INSURANCE: If the dealer has an Ace, you can insure against a possible blackjack the dealer. Insurance is half your bet. If you are insured and the dealer has Blackjack, your stake is returned. To this end, it costs half the original bet.

RETIRED / SURRENDER (Abort): There are casinos that allow you to abandon your hand if you think your chances of winning are poor. It costs half your bet.

When you played your hand, it is the turn of the casino. The casino dealer must draw cards until it 'reaches at least 17. When it exceeds 17, it can not receive cards. If the value of your hand exceeds the value of the casino, you won, and once you win the bet amount. If you have Blackjack, you receive 1 ½ times your bet plus the bet. Before you start playing blackjack for money, this may be a good idea to learn about the strategy most intelligent of a statistical standpoint.

A good blackjack strategy simple
The most important thing is to know blackjack strategy 'simple'. If you use a simple strategy, you maximize your initial position, without information on the distribution of remaining cards.

The following strategy has been optimized for the rules of blackjack where the casino uses four decks of cards and the dealer has to stand on soft 17 (17 mild). This variant of Blackjack is the most common, but the strategy can be used on any variant of Blackjack.

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