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Everything you need to start playing at an online casino is a computer with an Internet connection. So you can play anywhere and anytime without worrying about the time your light or time. Online casinos are open 24 to 24 and 7 / 7.

We guarantee that we have encountered no problems of equity, earnings or regulations breach of confidentiality. However, if you encounter a problem with one of the casinos listed on this guide please email us using the form available here.

Two types of online casinos
There are two types of online casinos: casino downloadable and casino instant play (flash games). The casino download requires a free download of casino software on your computer before you can start playing. The instant play version by cons, does not require downloading. You can play games directly via the browser in a flash version. Normally, you can choose between the two versions but we recommend downloading the software even if it takes more time. The graphical representation is highest quality, games are played faster and are more realistic - giving you the impression of playing in a real casino.

Large sums to win!
Unlike traditional casinos, where it always costs to play, you can play free or gamble on online casinos. This allows you to train and get an idea of ??the game before starting to play money games. Once registered on the casino, you simply choose whether you want to play for money or for free. If you choose the free games, you can always change it later. In this case, you must make a deposit into your account.

Best Online Casino
The advantages of online casinos
Online games have many advantages. As a new player, you receive a welcome bonus from online casinos. The bonus is usually a bonus on your first deposit which means that the online casino gives you an amount equal to your deposit. In addition, existing members were offered other bonuses regularly and invitations to exclusive online tournaments, quizzes and much more.

It is possible to earn larger sums on online casinos as compared to traditional casinos. With progressive jackpots, which are often offered by the slot machines, you can become a millionaire. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that continues to grow until a player gets the winning combination. The jackpot is part of a common pool shared by a number of online casinos linked to the same network. Whenever a player makes a bet on a slot machine linked to that network, part of the setting adds to the pot. The more players that play, the jackpot increases more rapidly.

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